Workforce Report: Los Angeles

As a business looking to grow its team, it is important to understand local employment trends and the availability of skilled and educated talent. Bank of Southern California has developed the accompanying Workforce Report for Los Angeles County. It highlights the region’s diverse and sophisticated labor pool, top-performing industries, commitment to education, and more. ItRead more

Nonprofit Business Owner with Banker

The Partner Every Non-Profit Needs To Thrive

As a non-profit, it is important to select the right financial institution that fits your organization’s needs. The process is ultimately about building a relationship. Having a trusted advisor that will work with you to determine the right financial solutions is critical for your organization’s long-term success and growth. Bank of Southern California is theRead more

Local organizations supported by Bank of Southern California

Supporting the Southern California Community

Bank of Southern California is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve by providing resources and solutions for local businesses. When small businesses choose to partner with us for their financial needs, they share that same commitment to inspire positive change. Corporate citizenship and charitable giving are an integral part ofRead more

5 Benefits to Using Automatic Payments

Automatic payments, commonly referred to as Automatic Clearing House or ACH, provide your business with a number of benefits including convenience, peace of mind and reduced risk. These factors can result in big savings for your company and provide your accounts payable team with additional time to focus on more important matters. As automatic paymentsRead more

Preparing For Your First Small Business Loan

A big challenge for business owners is developing working capital. The right kind of loan can help bridge that gap. The Small Business Administration provides a government-guaranteed loan program, designed to help small business get the funds they need more easily and provide more flexible terms than conventional loan options. Small business administration (SBA) loansRead more

Check and Pen

A Boost For Your Business With Remote Deposit Capture

At Bank of Southern California, we recognize that time is money. In fact, we understand that LESS time is MORE money for businesses that choose us as their financial partners. In order to streamline efforts and efficiently maximize cash flow, our experienced bankers analyze your banking needs and provide the best solution. One of ourRead more

2018 Midterm Elections

Empowering Employees To Be Heard

The 2014 Midterm Elections marked the lowest voter turnout in 72 years. California, a state with one of the largest populations, reported one of the poorest turnouts, with nearly 32% of voting-eligible Americans participating. When asked why registered voters didn’t make it to the polls, a full two-third indicated they simply didn’t have the time.Read more

Credit Cards

Getting The Most Out of Your Business Credit Card

We understand that one of the biggest headaches for business owners is keeping personal and business expenses separate. Obtaining a credit card for your business can help you track and control your business expenses without any entanglement. If you have multiple employees making purchases for your company, business credit cards can become a necessity. OverRead more

Young Couple Buying a New Home

Why You Could Benefit From HELOC In More Ways Than One

With Bank of Southern California’s Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), you can take advantage of the equity in your existing home to provide you with the funds to invest in the things that matter most. Whether its buying a second property, paying for your child’s education, purchasing a new car or financing your business,Read more

Why You Should Be Using Automated Purchase Order Matching

Why You Should Be Using Automated Purchase Order Matching

The traditionally painful and time-consuming process of comparing purchase orders to invoices has been transformed in a way that provides greater efficiency and increased visibility. What is Automated Purchase Order Matching? Automated Purchase Order (PO) matching is a feature in Business Payment Automation Invoice-to-Pay that streamlines the process of reconciling invoices to the appropriate purchaseRead more