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Crystal Pier, San Diego

Consumer Switch Kit

A simple guide for moving your relationship to
Bank of Southern California.

We are honored that you selected Bank of Southern California and look forward to supporting your banking needs. The following five step process and accompanying worksheet will help you make the transition seamlessly.

  • 1. Read our simple guide and worksheet

    Begin by downloading our step-by-step guide and accompanying worksheet. Intended for your internal use, it will help you track key information needed to switch your old account to Bank of Southern California. Store it in a safe place to protect your sensitive data.

  • 2. Open Your New Account

    Complete the Personal Information Profile, open your new Bank of Southern California checking account, request your debit card, enroll in Online Banking and deposit funds into your account.

    TIP: Use the accompanying worksheet to record your new account number and routing number. You will need this to switch any recurring payments to your new account.

  • 2. Switch your automatic payments

    To transfer your automatic payments, reference the following instructions. If written notification is required, contact your new Bank of Southern California account officer.

    • Automatic Payments
      Notify your service providers to transfer any payments that are automatically deducted from your account. Provide your new account number and routing number.
    • Direct Deposits
      Contact your employer, or payers, to switch your direct deposits to your new account. You will need your new account number and routing number.
  • 4. Discontinue use of your old account

    Reconcile your account and keep it open until all outstanding checks have cleared and you have moved all scheduled payments to your new Bank of Southern California account.

  • 5. Close your old account

    Once you have verified that all transactions have cleared, notify your previous bank and close your old account.

Begin Banking with Bank of Southern California.

You have successfully completed all of the steps and we are excited to welcome you to our bank.