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How to Find the Best Checking Account for You

You may wonder how to find the best checking account for you and your needs. In general, checking accounts are some of the simplest and nicest financial products for using and spending money. Because of their typical low interest rates, it is recommended to use your checking account for money that you can easily accessRead more

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All About Our Personal Checking Accounts

Last week, we told you about our business checking accounts. Now, we want to discuss the topic of our easy and convenient personal checking accounts because at Bank of Southern California, you can take care of all your business and personal banking needs in one place. Below are our four different personal checking accounts: WeRead more

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All About Our Business Checking Accounts

At our bank, we offer different types of business checking accounts that grow with your business in order to make your business banking simpler and more convenient. We will walk you through our different offerings to ensure the right fit for your business banking needs: Basic Business Checking – This is a simple and affordableRead more

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Avoid Being a Victim of These Five Top Reported Cyber Scams Part 2

To continue with Avoid Being a Victim of These Five Top Reported Cyber Scams Part 1, below are the remaining cyber scams: 4. Advance Fee Loans and Credit Arrangers – These loans or credit are offered in exchange for an upfront fee. Realize that any reputable lender will ask you to provide your credit history beforeRead more

A Scam Alert Warning Sign

Avoid Being a Victim of These Five Top Reported Cyber Scams Part 1

All over the world, there are many victims of identity theft and cybercrime. Per the National Cyber Security Alliance, at least 720 new threats have emerged. If you want to avoid identity theft and cybercrime, you should be aware of these top five reported cyber scams: Fake Check Scams – This is when an authentic-lookingRead more

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How to Stay Safe on Social Networks

Social media is becoming one of the most prominent tools in our society. Today, it does not matter if you are young or old or even a business, most people use social networks as a means of connecting with people. Instead of asking who has social media, the better question is who does not? WithRead more

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A Look at Our New Product: Business Payment Automation

Do you want to avoid things, like handling paper bills in the mail, scheduling payments, entering data into an accounting software, filing bills, researching vendor inquiries, etc.? Well, now you can! Business Payment Automation or BPA is a hybrid commercial bill payment and an A/P invoice workflow management platform that helps automate your company’s paymentRead more

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The Ins and Outs of Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is defined as the ability to deposit a check into a bank account from a remote location without having to physically deliver the check to the bank. As a commercial business, you may have heard of or use Remote Deposit Capture. Here at Bank of Southern California, we provide you with aRead more

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Ten Treasury Services Tools That We Offer: Part 2

To continue with Ten Treasury Services Tools That We Offer: Part 1, below are the last of them: 6. Positive Pay – With Positive Pay, clients submit an electronic file of checks issued to protect their business against fraudulent activity. We then match this list against items that have been submitted for payment and presentRead more

Money in a Cash Vault

Ten Cash Management Tools That We Offer: Part 1

Do you want to minimize unnecessary fees while optimizing cash balances and earnings? If so, at Bank of Southern California, we offer a wide range of easy-to-implement Treasury Services tools. Below are just a few to start: Online Banking – With online banking, you have 24/7, real time access to your accounts. Unlike most majorRead more