Nonprofit Business Owner with Banker

As a non-profit, it is important to select the right financial institution that fits your organization’s needs. The process is ultimately about building a relationship. Having a trusted advisor that will work with you to determine the right financial solutions is critical for your organization’s long-term success and growth. Bank of Southern California is the bank of choice for non-profit organizations for these key reasons:

Leading Expertise

Our highly experienced bankers have a long history of working with organizations in the non-profit sector and are intimately familiar with their unique needs. We work with you to establish a deep-level understanding of your individual organization’s requirements and develop customized financial solutions to support your mission, goal and business planning needs.

Diverse Products & Services

Bank of Southern California is dedicated to providing a full range of financial products and services with benefits specifically designed for your non-profit organization. our goal is to help you focus more on development initiatives and less on tedious day-to-day financial activities. As one of the strongest, best-capitalized community banks in Southern California, you can feel confident about having access to these diverse resources to support your organization’s growth.

  1. Comprehensive cash management tools designed to improve your firm’s cash flow, minimize unnecessary fees and maximize your interest earnings.
  2. Custom financing solutions designed and delivered for every situation–whether it’s looking into financing a new building, purchasing new office equipment, financing your accounts receivable or buying into a new partnership.
  3. Various deposit accounts to simplify your banking experience and short-term and long-term investment options.

Lasting Partnership

As your organization grows and evolves, it’s important to bank with a financial institution that can provide continued support. Bank of Southern California’s Managing Directors are familiar with your mission, programs and goals, and understand your evolving financial needs. We are committed to cultivating strong ties with non-profit clients and believe in the value that you bring to the community. We’re more than a bank–we’re local partners that help you thrive.

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