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Automated Clearing House services give business owners a secure, easy, and cost-effective way to make and receive payments electronically.

Whether you’re doing business across the country or in your hometown, utilizing Automated Clearing House (ACH) services to make and receive electronic payments can save you time and money.  ACH services can be used for a variety of payments that occur regularly, helping to reduce strain on staff and resources. ACH services connect financial institutionsRead more

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Contact Tracing Scams Take Advantage of a Difficult Situation

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused many Americans to be fearful of catching the Coronavirus or spreading it to a loved one.  Unfortunately, criminals have taken advantage of this fear and have attempted to profit through imitating Contact Tracers. When done legitimately, contact tracing is a useful tool run by the State Health Department and itRead more

Switching to eStatements is a great way to have a positive impact on the environment.

The traditional method of receiving paper statements from your bank has an easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly alternative.  Most banks offer the option to obtain your statements electronically, sent direct to your email or made accessible online.  Switching to eStatements is often simple and has many positive impacts for you and the environment. EnvironmentallyRead more

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The CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Loans can help provide small businesses with assistance to continue payroll during the COVID-19 emergency.

The CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program Loans can help provide small businesses with assistance to continue payroll during the COVID-19 emergency. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has recently been passed by Congress to help small businesses that have been negatively affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  One option available is PaycheckRead more

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Alternative Ways to Bank

Alternative Ways to Bank If you’re practicing social distancing and are unable to visit your bank’s local branch, there might be alternative ways for you to access your accounts.  Many banks offer mobile and online banking where customers can access their funds anytime, anyplace.  Often all you will need is a smart phone, or aRead more

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Beware: Coronavirus Scams are on the Rise

  Beware: Coronavirus Scams are on the Rise   The recent news and events surrounding the Coronavirus have offered many challenges to our daily lives, one of which is the potential for scammers to take advantage of people’s emotions during these times.  Cybercriminals may use email, fraudulent websites, or social media to exploit people searchingRead more

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March is National Credit Education Month

March is National Credit Education Month, and for both individuals and businesses, building and maintaining a solid credit score is important. After all, a strong credit score will help you be successful in areas ranging from renting property to applying for a loan. The following, are a few simple tips to help you or yourRead more