Good Practices to Prevent Digital Fraud

Internet scams, cyber criminals, and unknown calls are constantly looming over each of us. At Bank So. Cal., we work diligently to protect your accounts and keep your information safe and secure. There are, however, some simple steps that you can take today to help prevent digital fraud.

Do! – Set up security alerts.

Be the first to know what is happening on your account and set up security alerts to verify suspicious activity.

Don’t! – Share your login details.

Bank So. Cal. will NEVER ask you for your login credentials over the phone, text, or email. Therefore, don’t share them with anyone through these methods (even if they are claiming to be from Bank So. Cal.). You are responsible for your own username, password, security answers, and out of band authentications codes.

Do! – Access your account and read all Bank So. Cal. communications.

Stay well informed and know what’s happening on your account. If you review your transactions often, it will give you peace of mind and confidence that there is no funny business going on.

Don’t! – Fall for the “too good to be true” deals.

Often times, it is too good to be true. Don’t fall for it. Verify everything and sleep on the decision if it is a great deal. Don’t give your account or card information to any schemes.

Do! – Be creative with your passwords.

Unique passwords or 12-16 digit password phrases are the way to go. Being “predictable” is your biggest adversary with cyber security.

Don’t! – Be deceived.

Cyber criminals often play on your emotions and goodness of heart. There are no limits. Surely, there is another way to help that doesn’t involve you sharing your account and financial information.

Do! – Use the chip whenever possible.

That silver chip was made to help keep your account even safer. Swiping your card can expose your account to fraud.

Don’t! – Respond to those random phone calls.

If you didn’t initiate the phone call, it most likely is not a reliable source. When in doubt, always hang up and call the company right back with the number you find on their website.

Do! – Store your cards in safe places.

We all love a good accessory, however, is that new “phone wallet” a safe place to keep your cards?

Do! – Contact Bank So. Cal. for help.

We are here to help. Call us immediately if you notice unusual activity on your account or fear your credentials have been compromised.


We hope you can adopt some of these best practices and implement them into your daily life. For more tips and resources on protecting your identity from fraud and theft, visit our Recommended Reading page.