Money in a vault

Do you want to minimize unnecessary fees while optimizing cash balances and earnings? If so, at Bank of Southern California, we offer a wide range of easy-to-implement Treasury Services tools. Below are just a few to start:

  1. Online Banking – With online banking, you have 24/7, real time access to your accounts. Unlike most major banks, there is no monthly fee or per account charges for our online business banking. View your account activity, balances, statements, and check images, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, originate ACH payments and wire transfers, make Federal and State tax payments, set up employee access, and directly sync bank activity with QuickBooks software.
  1. Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) – You make deposits directly to your Bank of Southern California accounts without ever leaving your home or office. We provide you with a Remote Deposit Capture scanner free-of-charge.
  1. Wire Transfer Service – Our wire transfer service provides the convenience and speed to transfer funds. Through our online banking or non-electronic channels, it is easy to make both domestic and foreign transfers.
  1. Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination – ACH allows you to handle payments electronically if you are looking to offer direct deposit to your employees, pay vendors, process Federal tax payments, or receive payments from customers. ACH makes handling your payments and collections quick and accurate.
  1. Sweep Accounts – To maximize your balance, we establish automatic sweeps between accounts to cover expenses and minimize unnecessary fees while maximizing interest earned. The accounts include:
    • Zero Balance Accounts cover outgoing payroll checks, which maintain a zero balance and maximize the funds available in your operating account.
    • Excess Balance Sweep automatically transfers balances above an established amount from your business checking account into an interest-bearing money market account.
    • Overdraft Protection ensures that your check payments are honored with automatic protection from available funds in another deposit account or line of credit.
    • Expanded FDIC Insurance is ideal for companies or non-profit organizations who need their excess funds deposited with other institutions automatically transferred to fully insure funds and maintain liquidity.

Stay tuned for more of the Treasury Services tools that we offer next week!