The traditional method of receiving paper statements from your bank has an easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly alternative.  Most banks offer the option to obtain your statements electronically, sent direct to your email or made accessible online.  Switching to eStatements is often simple and has many positive impacts for you and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

The effect eStatements have on the environment is straightforward; less paper being used equals less waste.  By opting to receive your statements online, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper wasted over the course of a year.  As more people switch to eStatements, the impact is magnified.

Convenient and Safe

Accessing your eStatements is easy and quick!  When your statements are posted, they are available to be viewed immediately rather than the days it takes to receive them in the mail.  You can also see previous statements, and some banks can group accounts and purchases in customizable categories for easier access.  Many banks also offer phone apps or mobile-accessible webpages so you can check your accounts on the go.

With no opportunity for your statements to get lost or stolen in the mail, they are guaranteed to only be viewed by you.  This can help prevent instances of fraud or identity theft.  Many banks offer multiple levels of security for online access, keeping your account information safe and secure.  If you have questions, contact your account officer and they can help you get set up.

The benefits of making the switch to eStatements are well worth the effort.  Many banks allow you to opt out of paper statements through your online profile.  Also, it’s worth noting that many other types of businesses offer eStatements or electronic billing.  Examples include insurance and phone bills.  When you receive a bill or statement, check with the company to see if you can receive eStatements instead.

If you’re a bank of Southern California customer looking to switch to electronic statements, please contact your account officer or call 844-BNK-SOCAL.