Client Stories - Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

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SPREAD ACROSS THREE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting takes up a lot of space. Seventy thousand square feet of it, to be precise. It’s a fact made more startling by company CFO Tony Rolando’s reminder that the business started out from a garage way back in the 1980s. The founder, Daniel Cuñado, was an electrician by trade. In those early days, he built simple outdoor lighting setups for local homeowners. But realizing he was onto something, Daniel started quietly acquiring the equipment and contacts he needed to grow his business.

“When Daniel’s wife, Martha, told him she wanted the family garage back, he knew it was time to scale up his operation!” Tony recalls.

In recent years, Vista needed to invest in improved equipment. Intense competition and growing demand placed new pressures on the company. It was time to automate some key aspects of their production process.

Vista turned to Bank of Southern California for help.

“We needed eight new machines to help our business grow. I picked up the phone and talked to the bank about why automation is important to us. I explained it was the only way to stay competitive. They just said, ‘sure, what do you need?’ I had the papers on my desk in a few days.”

Being around as long as it has, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has had its ups and downs. Part of Vista’s resilience over the years boils down to resourcefulness.

“The founder of the company has always been that guy that found ways to make something work. He always says, ‘hey, there’s a problem; let me see if I can find a solution!’ Bank of Southern California is that bank for us. If something comes up that challenges our future, it’s reassuring to know we’re with a bank that’ll help us ride it out.

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