2020 is finally here. As we embark on this exciting new decade, we are faced with a unique set of challenges.

Scammers have discovered a simple way to forge legal documents and are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Good news is you can protect yourself by following one easy tip: Stop abbreviating the year.

When the year 2020 is abbreviated, it can easily be manipulated, leaving you vulnerable to fraud. For instance, a document dated 1/1/20 could be altered to read 1/1/2019 or even 1/1/2021.

This could pose several problems. Scammers could alter the date on a stale check and attempt to cash an old check. They could also edit a loan or credit agreement between a borrow and lender and attempt to collect on the debt that’s owed.

While there is currently no evidence that anyone has become a victim to scammers in this manner, it is better to exercise caution and protect yourself from fraud. Just remember our single simple solution: write the full date.

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