Creating Partnerships

An important step in supporting the banking needs of local businesses is taking the time to get to know and understand our clients and their businesses. At Bank of Southern California, we build relationships with our clients and offer customized banking solutions that fit the unique needs of their organization. It’s non-profit organizations like Promises2Kids that benefit from our relationship-focused approach to banking.


PROMISES2KIDS IS A LEADING SAN DIEGO NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION. For 40 years, Promises2Kids has worked to give foster children a brighter future. The organization started out funding emergency shelters for kids. Today, they’ve grown to offer a wide range of support services to the 3,000 San Diego children living in foster care.

“Our vision is to give foster youth a way to change their lives,” CEO Tonya Torosian explains. “We give kids the tools, opportunities, and guidance they need to grow into healthy and successful adults.”

Promises2Kids works closely with children to meet their unique needs. Recently, the organization reintroduced two brothers living in separate foster care facilities. They hadn’t seen each other for six years. Promises2Kids reunited these brothers and rekindled their sense of family and personal belonging.

Work like this takes patience, commitment, and time. It also requires a skilled team, significant resources, and uninterrupted funding.

“We wanted to work with a bank that understands our organization and the kids we work with. That was really important to us. We didn’t just want to be added to a bank’s list of clients. We were looking for a banking relationship that would be community-focused. We wanted a partnership.

2020 was a challenging year, and the organization needed a loan to sustain its work. Other small businesses and nonprofits were having to let go of staff. Bank of Southern California worked with Promises2Kids to keep their programs going uninterrupted.

“When I sat down with Bank of Southern California at that first meeting, they were interested in more than our business model. They wanted to know about our mission and our work. They were coming up with ways they could support our youth through events, sponsoring, or volunteering. I walked out of there knowing I wanted them to be our bank.

Bank of Southern California is a strong community partner and is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations across Southern California. Contact us today to learn more.