Client-first Mentality

The Schlesier brothers, founders of Utopia Management, take pride in integrity, quality production, and a client-first approach to business. They found a partner in Bank of Southern California who also embodies these values and was able to provide a personalized banking experience to address their unique financing needs.


ROBERT SCHLESIER STARTED A SMALL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY WITH HIS BROTHER IN 1994. Through the years, the brothers have pursued a vision to set a new bar for reliability and integrity. The company has always had a reputation for attention to detail. They’re known for going the extra mile for tenants and property owners alike.

The company’s story is also one of rapid expansion. Today, Utopia Management has 17 offices across California. They’re one of the largest property management companies in San Diego. At the beginning of their journey, the Schlesier brothers worked with a large bank. But expansion proved difficult.

“The path wasn’t as clear when we worked with the larger banks,” Robert recalls of those early days. “They didn’t have a personalized approach. They knew who we were by account size, but they didn’t know us. They didn’t understand our business.”

Utopia Management shifted to Bank of Southern California in 2014. Using a customized financing solution, Utopia Management navigated a series of successful acquisitions. Utopia Management has also thrived on banking flexibility.

“Banking hours would start at 10 am. We’d show up at 9 am, and the manager would open the door and help us take care of whatever we needed. That’s invaluable. And that’s not going to happen in most banks.”

Utopia Management built a business around quality, high-end work for owners and clients. They take pride in offering a service that puts clients first. The brothers looked for a bank that offered the same quality-focused approach.

“When we’ve needed financing to help us grow, Bank of Southern California is there. If we needed clarity on anything, they know our account and what’s going on. We don’t have to worry about that side, and that allows us to focus on our business.

Bank of Southern California is committed to helping local businesses grow and succeed. Learn more about our flexible financing solutions and see how we can help your business thrive. Contact us today!