Armored Truck in motion

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money.  Below are two treasury services tools that can improve efficiency, save money, and create a safer way to deal with large sums of cash.

Cash Vault Service

Businesses that deal with large volumes of cash and the need for frequent deposits can benefit greatly from cash vault service.   With cash vault service, companies can eliminate the need for constant trips to the bank by scheduling an armored vehicle to pick up cash deposits and make the delivery on their behalf.

The largest benefits from cash vault service are improved safety and efficiency.  By eliminating the need to have employees physically drop off cash deposits, their time is freed up to focus on more important tasks and it prevents putting them in danger while transporting large sums of money.  An armored vehicle will arrive to the business at a pre-scheduled time and bring the deposits to the bank.

Companies who will benefit the most from cash vault service will be ones that deal with a high volume of cash (over $50,000 per month), however any business can take advantage of the added security that comes with scheduling an armored vehicle.

Remote Deposit Capture

Another effective way to eliminate trips to the bank is through remote deposit capture.  With remote deposit capture, a business uses a scanner to scan images of checks and securely post and clear them, all from their office.

When a company signs up for remote deposit capture, they are provided with a scanner, and the ability to set up users that can process and scans checks for deposit.  Once checks are scanned, they are securely transmitted to the bank for posting.  This eliminates the need for trips to the bank, which saves time and money.  Also, the business will effectively have copies of any checks deposited, increasing record keeping ability.

If you are interested in learning more about cash vault service or remote deposit capture, contact your local Bank of Southern California branch today.