Finding alternative ways to bank

Alternative Ways to Bank

If you’re practicing social distancing and are unable to visit your bank’s local branch, there might be alternative ways for you to access your accounts.  Many banks offer mobile and online banking where customers can access their funds anytime, anyplace.  Often all you will need is a smart phone, or a computer with internet access.

Mobile Banking

The fastest and easiest way to access your account information is through mobile banking.  Many banks offer an app that can be downloaded in the App store on iOS devices or Google Play on Android.  These apps securely connect to your checking and savings accounts, and potentially credit card account.  From there, you can check account balances, transfer money between accounts, view statements, and more.  Some banks allow you to use “mobile deposit” which allows you sign a check, take a photo of it, and submit it as a deposit over the phone.  Be sure to check with your bank to learn how to download their official banking app.

Online Banking

Online banking expands on the capabilities of mobile banking, and only requires a computer with internet access.  Additional features give account holders more diverse ways to manage their money.  Customers can download and print full statements, schedule wire transfers, and access more in-depth account information.  Businesses owners can also benefit from administration features and ACH tracking.

Drive-Through Banking

Some bank locations will offer a drive-through service where you can speak with a live teller from the comfort of your car.  Often, you can accomplish many of same tasks you would normally do inside the bank.  Whether it’s raining, you’re not feeling well, or you’re in a rush, this alternative offers you an easy way to work directly with a banker.  Be sure to check that your local branch has this option at its location.


These alternative ways to bank can help you keep track of your money, pay bills, or manage your business from the comfort of your home.

Bank of Southern California is proud to offer free mobile and online banking to its customers. For personal account information visit here, and business owners may find information here.