Frank D. Di Tomaso | Director

Frank D. Di Tomaso is a Director of the Company and Bank, joining our Board in 2021. He was a founding member of Bank of Santa Clarita and served as its Vice Chairman (2004-2009), Chairman (2009-2021), Executive Vice President (2004-2011), and Chief Executive Officer (2012-2021). Previously, he held the positions of Senior Vice President and Business Development Officer at City National Bank (1997-2004) and Senior Vice President and Commercial Loan Team Leader (1996-1997). Before joining City National Bank, Mr. Di Tomaso was employed at Metrobank, serving as the Senior Vice President and Manager of the Asset-Based Loan Division (1990-1996) until Metrobank was acquired by Comerica Bank.

Mr. Di Tomaso earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from California State University, Fresno.