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Stuart Cano, VP | Branch Manager, Carlos Huiza, VP | Branch Manager, and Soly Cangarlu, VP | Branch Manager Inside Our Glendale Office
Stuart Cano, Branch Managing Director
Carlos Huiza, Branch Managing Director
Soly Cangarlu, Branch Managing Director

Putting Your Money to Work

Savings, Money Market, & CDs

Achieve your financial goals with a variety of savings, money market, and certificate of deposit options.

  • Business Savings

  • Business Money Market

  • Certificates of Deposit

Soly Cangarlu | Branch Managing Director, West LA & Carlos Huiza | Branch Managing Director, Lancaster Talking

Business Savings

Business Savings allows you access to your funds and is a safe and secure way to build capital.

Account Benefits:

  • Earn interest with balances of $500 or more
  • Excess funds from business checking accounts can be automatically swept into their account to maximize earnings.
Business Money Market Graphs

Business Money Market

Business Money Market provides the convenience of immediate access to your money.

Account Benefits:

  • Allows check-writing capabilities
  • Earn tiered interest rates based on your balance
  • Excess funds from business checking accounts can be automatically swept into this account to maximize earnings
Sergio Gomez | Branch Managing Director, Santa Fe Springs Showing Cash Reserves to Maximize Earnings

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a great option for business owners with cash reserves looking to maximize their earnings. CDs are offered with a variety of maturity dates ranging from 90 days to 5 years to ensure the best fit for your cash flow needs.

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