SBA Loans Benefits

SBA loans are one of the best ways to finance your small business, and they allow lenders like us to offer flexible terms and low rates to small businesses.

Some of the benefits of SBA loans include:

  • Guaranteed by the Small Business Loan Administration
  • Access to capital to grow your business
  • Low interest rates and lower down payments compared to conventional bank loans to ensure the success of your business
  • Longer time period to repay the loan
  • More money for other business needs, such as business acquisition, partner buyout, debt refinance, inventory purchases, etc.
  • Most “for-profit” small businesses are eligible
  • Fixed and variable rate options to fit your company’s needs

If you are thinking of starting a business or already have an established business, applying for an SBA loan might be the right solution for you.

Contact us and we will provide you with the guidance and customer service to make the best informed and important decisions for your business.