Orbot Case Study Title

We did a case study on our client, Orbot, the San Diego-based cleaning solution provider that delivers one machine capable of cleaning all surfaces. This company once dedicated too much time and effort to processing hundreds of invoices and payments through an elaborate spreadsheet system, so we reached out to discuss Automated Business Payments. Once they realized Automated Business Payments would be cost neutral and enhance their operating model, they made the switch.

Since then, Orbot can easily manage all their vendor payments, plan for upcoming payments in advance, and give employees more time back instead of having them manually enter in data. The software also provides a parallel data set to what Orbot keeps in QuickBooks, giving them two sources of data to work from.

Attached is the full case study.

If you are looking to simplify your accounts payable process and see some of the same results as Orbot, please contact us.