If you have dreams of opening and operating your own business, a great first step is writing out a business plan.  This valuable document helps you by putting the details of your idea on paper and organizing the logistical and financial aspects of what it will take to launch your company.

The Basics of the Plan

At its core, your company’s business plan will be a custom document which lays out key features of how your proposed company will operate.  It can also act as a guide for making important decisions and should include short-term and long-term goals.

Common Sections of a Business Plan

There are many online resources you can find to help you write a great business plan, and some even have outlines that you can use.  Most of these will include a few common sections that are essential to helping you shape the foundation of your business.

These sections include:

  • A company description that covers how the company will be organized.
  • An outline of the product or service you will be offering.
  • Analysis of your target market and competitors.
  • A description of the financials of your company.

Within each section of your plan, you will have sub-sections where you will go into more detail about the topic being covered.

What Comes Next

In the process of writing your business plan and conducting background research, you should get a clearer picture of if your idea can be a success.  If the foundations of your business look good, you may want to approach investors or potential partners.  Having a well written plan will help them quickly understand your vision and should assist in answering any questions they may have.

While writing out your plan, you may find that your idea is not realistic, or may require more time and money than you have available.  It is better to find this out while conducting research and planning, than after you have spent considerable resources.  If this happens, your plan may help you identify trouble spots you would encounter, and you may be able to make important adjustments.

If you are ready to begin writing your business plan, check out the Small Business Administration’s webpage on how to write out a successful business plan.  It includes descriptions of important sections and examples you can look at.  If you have a solid plan together, and you are looking for small business banking solutions, talk to a Bank of Southern California Banker today.